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Featured Photographers

What Camera Gear do they Carry?

Cole Kor

Hi, I’m Cole Kor from 2 of Us Photography, a wedding photography business based in Singapore. I usually do pre-wedding photography, both local and…


Stark Photography

Thanks for asking us to be on ShotKit! We love this site and it’s an honor to be a part of it. We’re Daniel…


Dan O’Day

Oh hey guys, it’s me, Dan. I’m a wedding photographer based out of Australia. I’m just stopping by to have a little chat about…


Daniel Diaz

Hola I am Daniel Diaz a Graphic Designer turned wedding photographer. I started photography with toy cameras such as Holga, Seagull TLR and so…

Anna Kuperberg Photography

Anna Kuperberg

Here is my very basic setup for shooting kids and dogs. Obviously, I bring more for weddings but for kids and dogs I just…


Bruno Rosa

My Dad was a wedding photographer in the past, but unfortunately he died when I was very young so I never got a chance…

Recent Photographers

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Mariano Sfiligoy

Hi! My name is Mariano Sfiligoy. I’m a father, a husband and a wedding photographer since 2011. I grew up surrounded by film cameras and…


Connie Zhou

My name is Connie Zhou, I’m an architecture, interiors, and landscape photographer based in New York City. Traveling and exploring is where I draw…


Dallas Kolotylo

I started experimenting with photography when I was ten years old shooting with my mothers Pentax ME Super. I fell in love with it…


Erin & Geoffrey

Like many photographers out there I knew that I wanted to be a photographer since I was very young. The first time I went…


Laura Babb

I’m Laura Babb and I’m a London based wedding photographer.My journey to becoming a photographer started in 2008 when I decided to buy a…


Daniel Fickle

My interest in expressing ideas through the medium of photography started innocently enough with a Vivitar 110 back in Atlanta, simulating a humorous electrocution…


Andrew Link

About 10 years ago I decided I wanted to photograph cars and I haven’t looked back. I got my feet wet assisting at RIDES…


V Opoku

My name is V. Opoku, but usually just V does the trick and I am documentary wedding photographer based in London, UK (for now)….


Jennifer Moher

My name is Jennifer Moher and I am wedding photographer based in Ontario, Canada. I started shooting 5 years ago with the intention of…


David Oisthoorn

What you are looking at is a result of years of playing, testing & getting things wrong. I think every photographer goes through a…

From the Blog

Photographic musings

Interview with Citlalli Rico

Hi! Im Citlalli Rico, a human being in love with visual arts, plants and chilaquiles verdes. How did you get in to wedding photography?…

Workplace productivity

Increase Your Productivity in 2015

Taking great photos is often a small part of running a successful photography business. General admin duties, client correspondence, taxes, blogging, site maintenance, etc…


Mystic Seminars 2015

I’m writing this sitting in an airport lounge on my way home from Mystic Seminars, and one of the best weeks of my life…


5 Tips for Environmental Portraits

My name is Carla Coffing and I’m a freelance editorial and commercial photographer based in LA. I learned the tools for making photographs at…


Interview with Albert Watson

It probably comes across in my voice during this phone interview, but I was pretty nervous to be interviewing Albert Watson. After all, Photo…

Product Reviews

Recommended Camera Gear

Nikon D750 Review

What you are about to read is a very down to earth, real life shooting, working man’s review of the new Nikon D750. I’ve…


The Roamographer Review

Finding a functional camera bag which looks stylish is not an easy task. It’s only in recent years that companies such as Holdfast have cropped…

JPEGmini Hero

JPEGmini Review

It’s not often that that you try a piece of software that completely blows you away. With apps and software available for everything under the sun,…


Nikon D810 Review

Lifestyle photographer from Munich Christian Brecheis was one of the first photographers in Germany to get his hands on the new Nikon D810. Rather…

Fuji X-T1

Fuji X-T1 Review

I didn’t fall into the Fujifilm X camera system right away. It took time and several cameras to persuade me. First, the Fujifilm X100 caught…


Nikon Df Review

Odds are that by now you already know a little bit about the Nikon Df. Whether you shoot Nikon or Canon, I’m sure you’ve…